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A Sport Psychology Workbook for Riders by Ann S. Reilly

A Sport Psychology Workbook for Riders by Ann S. Reilly

Model Number: 9780851317717

£16.99 GBP

It takes more than learning the technicalities of riding to become a competent equestrian. By reading this book, you will learn mental strategies that will help you to become a confident, relaxed rider.  These strategies are used by accomplished riders whilst training and competing.  Since sport psychology is the psychology of peak performance, including these strategies in your daily life will help you to become successful in everything you choose to do.

This book includes discussions and exercises on the topics of motivation, confidence, concentration and nutrition for peak performance. It also includes strategies designed to prepare you for competition in dressage, cross-country, showjumping and all forms of showing classes, making it essential reading for all riders who wish to improve their level of performance.