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The Horse's Pain-Free Back and Saddle-Fit Book by Joyce Harman DVM, MRCVS

The Horse's Pain-Free Back and Saddle-Fit Book by Joyce Harman DVM, MRCVS

Model Number: 9781570762925

£25.00 GBP

Is your horse’s back free from pain? How can you tell?  Is he moving in a relaxed manner, happily complying with your aids? Or, is he stiff, moving crookedly, or resistant and disagreeable about his work?  If he falls into this latter category, chances are his back hurts.  Astoundingly, Joyce Harman, DVM, MRCVS, reveals that seventy-five percent of horses showing poor movement and exhibiting a bad attitude do so because of pain caused by an ill-fitting saddle.

Imagine hiking or dancing in shoes that don’t fit – maybe one size too small.  Feeling fine for a few minutes, you begin to notice the pain gradually increase where the shoes rub or cause pressure points, then become unbearable. An agonizing experience!  Well, the horse can feel this sort of “torture” too.  It is no wonder that he reacts with unsoundness and misbehaviour.

In this most thorough comprehensive book, Dr. Harman, veterinarian and respected saddle-fitting expert, educates the reader about the horse’s conformation – particularly the shape of the back, withers, ribs, and shoulders; saddle construction – the tree, pommel, seat, panels and gullet, placement of stirrups bars and girth billets; and the rider’s conformation.  She explains how all these variables must be considered in order to keep the horse comfortable.  Because many of these aspects change over time according to exercise and training programs, she offers a section on the use of pads and shims for temporary problem solving, as well as invaluable information on caring for the horse’s back, both short and long term.

Dr. Harman emphasizes that good fit is not determined by the brand, cost, or style of a saddle – an expensive model can cause just as much harm as its cheaper cousin.  Good fit is determined by a saddle that allows the horse’s back to function correctly, while at the same time, keeping the rider in a well-balances position.