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The Horse Rider's Problem Solver by Vanessa Britton

The Horse Rider's Problem Solver by Vanessa Britton

Model Number: 9780715306130

£16.99 GBP
In this single volume can be found the answers to most of the problems commonly experienced by riders, set out in an accessible format and uncomplicated by the use of technical language.

All active riders are bound to experience certain difficulties during their working relationship with their mount, some of which they are unable to solve without advice. Many feel foolish asking an apparently simple question of an expert, or may not have the courage to make what might seem a amore technical query. As a result they fail to get the information they need to solve their problem. Now there is a solution for anyone facing such a predicament.

The Horse Rider’s Problem Solver takes one problem at a time and deals with all aspects of the possible solutions, highlighting the practical steps necessary. Each problem covered also has further information and tips on related issues.

This problem-solving guide covers all the common difficulties as well as a number which occur less frequently but which may crop up during a rider’s association with his or her horse. Photographs and line drawings accompany the text to further clarify the explanation given concerning each point.

Part 1: The Young Horse
Some horses panic when asked to cross a large stretch of water: how can you teach them to tackle this happily?

Part 2: Schooling
Schooling is all about teaching a horse to move with increased activity and engagement, in a regular rhythm: how can you encourage this rhythm and activity in your horse?

Part 3: Jumping
Your young horse will drop happily off a step into water, but he objects to jumping over an obstacle and into water: how can you help him to overcome his fears?

Part 4: Competition Work
As cross-country courses become more technical, being able to keep an accurate line to a fence is essential, both to prevent a run out, and to jump safely: how do you instil this obedience in your horse?