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Schooling Horses In-hand: For Suppling and Collection by Richard Hinrichs

Schooling Horses In-hand: For Suppling and Collection by Richard Hinrichs

Model Number: 9780851318349

£15.00 GBP
For centuries horses have been trained in-hand within the classical schools of riding, yet today work in-hand is often forgotten, set aside as unimportant, or thought to be too time-consuming by modern trainers. This is unfortunate because there is much to teach horses from the ground. German trainer Richard Hinrichs, an acknowledged expert on schooling inhand presents his training programme showing how schooling from the ground builds trust, obedience and balance in the horse. He clearly demonstrates that in-hand work is an excellent way of supporting and complementing work under saddle, and can be especially helpful for riders striving to achieve the higher-level movements for dressage competition. Richard Hinrichs demonstrates how the use of reins, whip, voice and body language can encourage voluntary co-operation from the horse and allow him to develop his balance and confidence without the added complications of a rider's weight. The book is filled with clear explanations and numerous colour photos of the necessary equipment and techniques for schooling in-hand: aids and their application, work on the lunge; long reining; suppling and collection; lateral movements - shoulder-in, travers, renvers, and half-pass: flying changes and pirouette: piaffe and passage; the Spanish walk; and airs above the ground - pesade, levade, courbette, and capriole. A thorough reading of this book will provide ample proof that there are many different ways of training within the system of classical equitation, and that every trainer should explore all the available methods without prejudice. A trainer possessing a well-rounded education in all aspects of horse training will ultimately produce the best horses. As Brigadier Professor Kurt Albrecht, director of the Spanish Riding School from 1974 to 1985, attests. Richard Hinrichs has included much valuable theoretical knowledge on schooling in-hand that has also been well tried in practice