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Riding to Music by Janet W. MacDonald

Riding to Music by Janet W. MacDonald

Model Number: 9780851315676

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Some wear to the book. Riding to music is not a new concept. The old riding schools of Europe used to put on displays for their patrons, which often included what they called a "ballet". Like the ballet we know today, the story was enacted to music, but the performers were mounted on highly-schooled horses. Although they do not perform ballets, the Spanish Riding School of Vienna carry on this tradition of displays to music which delight audiences all over the world. A newer development is the "Freestyle to Music" dressage competitions which are gaining popularity. The most famous of these in Britain is held at Goodwood as part of the National Championships. Here the test includes all the Grand Prix movements and for spectators it is probably the most popular of all the tests. But you do not have to have a highly-schooled horse to ride to music. There are dressage competitions at lower levels, side-saddle and hack competitions, and the annual Riding Clubs Quadrille competition. Clubs with their own message to impart, such as the Side-Saddle Association (SSA), frequently produce musical displays. Music is an excellent teaching and schooling aid, especially in situations where regular rhythm has been a problem, or where a nervous rider is passing her nervousness to the horse. Music can help solve these and other problems. This book shows you how