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New Horse Handbook by Nancy Bowker

New Horse Handbook by Nancy Bowker

Model Number: 9780806988153

£11.99 GBP

Find out how to move your horse to stable he's not used to or welcome a new horse to your barn so that the transition is safe, comfortable, and easy for you and your horse.  It's an exciting prospect, but it's also filled with challenges, and here you'll learn how to meet them.

Begin by heeding your horse's emotional and phsycial needs, as you follow advice on how to avoid serious illness that can occur during travel.

Earn your horse's trust by letting him adjust to his surroundings before you groom him or walk him around the barn.  Saddly up only on the third day after arrival, and gradually modify his diet.  Anticipate possible pasture problems, like territorial or aggresive horses, and discover how to protect your horse until he can settle into the herd order.

Recognize symptoms of stress in your horse and choose the best solution to allevaite any tension.  It's important to build and maintain good relationships with all the professionals who helo you care for your horse and know what to expect from them - and what they expect from you.

Competitions and showing also involve dramatic changes for your horse.  You can lessen his anxiety by practicing loading and unloading the trailer, using the correct equipment, and taking his own feed and water along.  You will know what to do to protect your horse at these events and how to keep him sound and tranquil. 

What are the requirements if you must move your horse to another stable or find him a new owner?  How cna you ensure your horse's well-being in his future surroundings?  The answers are here.

At the end of this comprehensive handbook is a list of invaluable information for further written and online resources and associations.