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Masters of Equitation on Canter compiled by Martin Diggle

Masters of Equitation on Canter compiled by Martin Diggle

Model Number: 9780851318127

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Canter is the most complex of the school gaits, and, when carried out well, the most expressive and impressive.  It is the gait form which, in its finished form, complex movements such as tempi changes, zigzags and pirouettes are produced.

Because of it complexity, it is essential that due consideration is given to the quality of the gait at each stage of its development.  Rushed or careless work will seriously compromise the gait, and advanced movements – if they can be produced at all – will be forced travesties, lacking elegance and grace.

In this book, various Masters give their thoughts on the correct development of the basic gait.  Their thoughts on collecting and lengthening the gait, changes of lead and lateral work in canter will be subjects for further titles in this series.

Masters of Equitation on Canter offers invaluable guidance to the correct introduction of the gait, with special reference to the future development of flying changes and other advanced work, and will fascinate all readers interested in equestrian history.