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Making The Young Horse The Rational Way by Elwyn Hartley Edwards

Making The Young Horse The Rational Way by Elwyn Hartley Edwards

Model Number: 9780851319117

£19.99 GBP
The purpose of training the 'rational way' is to produce a versatile riding horse - a rounded individual well able to take part creditably in competitive events at a good middle-of-the-road level, whose preparation allows him to enjoy his working life, while contributing materially to his rider's enjoyment of the relationship. Topics covered include: grooming and handling, diet and routine, long-reining and transitions in-hand, work on the lunge, backing, communication, riding out, schooling, jumping, turning out, saddlery and equipment. The author acknowledges that there are other methods of training that achieve their results in a shorter space of time, but holds that the proven, 'rational way' described here, while taking longer, also lasts longer. It is more relevant to the modern requirement and more conducive to the production of the happy horse, balanced in mind and body