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Horse Hero Laura Bechtolsheimer Progresses Her Youngsters Part 2 DVD

Horse Hero Laura Bechtolsheimer Progresses Her Youngsters Part 2 DVD

Model Number: 736211390882

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Horse Hero

Laura Bechtolsheimer Progresses Her Youngsters
Part 2


Laura and Dr B develop the core work and begin preparing the youngsters for their first dressage tests. Laura teaches Joey simple changes by breaking the move down into small pieces. Step and Teddy perform practise tests and Dr B offers invaluable advice on ring-craft. It's a privilege to see the youngsters at the start of their careers!

The youngest rider to win the National Championships and to represent Great Britain in dressage, Laura made her Olympic debut in 2008. In 2009 she took team silver and individual bronze medals at the European Championships in 2010, she won three silver medals at the World Equestrian Games.

Horse Hero's Fiona Price talks to Laura B at the Bechtolsheimers' fabulous yard.

Laura's warm-up with Joey
Joey can be a little tricky at the beginning, so "he detemines the length of the warm-up", says Laura. Using exercises to help him relax and let go. Laura comments "hind leg activity is a prerequisite for a good connection."

Joey learns simple changes
Laura begins to work on simple changes. Starting with walk-canter, canter-walk transitions on each rein, Laura maintains engagement in the canter. She says, "if Joey isn't in front of the leg, it's impossible to make a clean transition to walk."

Laura rides a Novice test on Teddy
"The cales of training need to be in evidence for this test," says Dr B. "The horse should show relaxation, rhythm, a steady contact plus a little impulsion but no collection, and his movement should not be too flashy." Dr B offers tips on maximising loss of marks on the better ones!

Step's first Elementary test
An Elementary test is still early days in a horse's training, according to Dr B. Judges will want to see evidence of more impulsion, better straightness, the first degree of collection and some lateral work. Step does a good job in his debut test performance at home with Laura!"

Approx. 58 mins.