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Horse and Pony Body Language Book by Susan McBane

Horse and Pony Body Language Book by Susan McBane

Model Number: 9781592239481

£4.99 GBP

Combining a wealth of pictures with sound advice, Horse and Pony Body Language Phrasebook offers riders, owners, and trainers an informative guide to help interpret a horse’s behaviour.

What messages does a horse signal by using its tail, neck, body, or legs? How many sounds does a horse make, and what do they all mean?  Are horses territorial?  Do they get emotional, and if so, how do they express tat emotion?  This book helps unravel the mysteries of the horse psyche.

Colic is one of the main causes for horse’s strange behaviour.  Learn the many physical symptoms associated with this common illness and avoid costly surgical intervention through prompt diagnosis.

Horse and Pony Body Language Phrasebook will help readers gain a horse’s trust and create a bond between rider and animal. Learn some good old-fashioned horse sense, and before you know it, you and your equine friend will be off and running!