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Dressage with Mind, Body and Soul by Lindar Tellington-Jones with Rebecca M. Didier

Dressage with Mind, Body and Soul by Lindar Tellington-Jones with Rebecca M. Didier

Model Number: 9781570764264

£29.00 GBP
A 21st-Century Approach to the Science and Spirituality of Riding, Training, and Competing.
Linda Tellington-Jones has divided this book into two parts.

Part One:
An Introduction to A New Way of Learning and Teaching Dressage is a summary of theories she has about learning and teaching dressage, as well as a general description of the Tellington Method and how it works. Some of these concepts may already be familiar to you; others may seem particularly foreign.

Part Two:
Dressage and the Tellington Method really broaches her work known all over the world, providing specific information as to how it is applicable in the sport of dressage. It is in this section that she moves on from the broad paint strokes that are the main themes of her work the concepts that interweave and connect human to horse, family life and riding life and turn your focus to the details. You will learn the seven 'C's' that improve the dressage horse as Linda combines her understanding of horses, her world famous TTouch bodywork, techniques and innovative methods under saddle with exciting ideas specifically for the dressage rider and trainer; all demonstrated through more than 20 problem-solving stories with people she has worked with