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Anatomy of Dressage by Heinrich Schusdziarra and Volker Schusdziarra

Anatomy of Dressage by Heinrich Schusdziarra and Volker Schusdziarra

Model Number: 9780939481699

£12.99 GBP
Originally published in German, Anatomy of Dressage comes as a translation of the classic work, providing riders with the anatomical basis for correct riding. Only with a working knowledge of human anatomy can a rider fully understand the instructions given for correct position in the saddle and explanations of the movements. Within it's pages you'll find a clear overview of anatomy as related to riding, aimed at the layman. Working from this anatomical perspective, the authors discuss the individual requirements of riding theory: Part One - Anatomy: Body, Ligaments & Muscles, Part Two - The Requirements of Riding from an Anatomical Perspective: the seat, bracing the lower back, half halts and full halts, balance, the spiral seat and more. Many of their conclusions may seem surprising to some readers, but it is a fascinating read