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The Horse Riding and Care Handbook by Benadette Faurie

The Horse Riding and Care Handbook by Benadette Faurie

Model Number: 9781845378189

£12.99 GBP
Learning to rider
Grooming and care
Housing and transport
Tack and equipment
Competitive riding
Horse breeds

Horse riding is one of the most popular sports in the world: it offers everything from the rush of adrenaline as horse and rider gallop across country, to the companionship and bonding that develops between them during grooming, feeding and taking overall care of the horse.

This book covers all aspects of the subject and is suitable for first-time riders as well as competition riders. Expert advice is given, often in the form of step-by-step instructions which, combined with high quality photographs and illustrations, make The Horse Riding and Care Handbook the ultimate practical guide for every rider.