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Your Horse by Judy Chapple

Your Horse by Judy Chapple

Model Number: 9780882663531

£13.00 GBP
A Here’s a book that takes the mystery out of horse ownership, from getting your first horse to riding it.

In language that’s easy to understand, Judy Chapple explains about

Buying that first horse
Housing and fencing
Feeding and watering
The equipment you’ll need
Training the horse, and learning to ride

Plus valuable information on how to handle those common medical problems that can occur.

Judy Chapple has been around horses since her Pinto, Geronimo, towered far above her. She’s bought and sold horses, trained them, and showed hundreds of youngster how to get up on a horse – and stay there. In this book, she inspires confidence in the reader as she offers information that is complete, delightful to read, and easy to comprehend.