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Ingrid Klimke Basic Training for Riding Horses: Volume 2 The 5 Year Old Horse DVD

Ingrid Klimke Basic Training for Riding Horses: Volume 2 The 5 Year Old Horse DVD

Model Number: 4260000132538

£25.99 GBP

"If one were to conjure up an image of an athletic, forward moving and motivated dressage horse and accept the German FN guidelines as the basic for training horses correctly, only one name would immediately come to mind - Ingrid Klimke. She learned how to ride correctly from the absolute basics right through to the highest technical level and continues in this vein today - single-mindedly, passionately and with the utmost success in all the three disciplines of dressage, evening and showing jumping. Those who learn from her can be certain of being on the right track.

Volume 2 The five year old horse

Dressage: refinement of rider aids, development and improvement of straightness, impulsion, suppleness, canter/gallop step transitions, half pirouette, rein back, counter canter, grid work, dressage in open country, and much more.

Pole work: loosening and strengthening of musculature at walk, trot and canter.

Jumping: gymnastic series, individual jumps, familiarisation with different fences and obstacles, diagonal jumping.

Cross country: individual fences and obstacles, a series of fences and obstacles, ditches and water.

Ingrid Klimke: the Olympic and world champion follows in the tracks of her famous father, the dressage legend, Dr. Reiner Kilimke. She is the only professional rider in the world, who rides successfully at international level in both dressage and eventing."

Approx. 90 mins.