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Only Heroes and Horses by Natalie O'Rourke MBE

Only Heroes and Horses by Natalie O'Rourke MBE

Model Number: 9780751585070

£9.99 GBP

A heart warming ride through tears,laughter and the wondrous magic human kindess creates.

Natalie had always dreamed of running a stables.  After losing her mum when she was little, horses had eased her loneliness in the Birmingham suburb where she grew up.  So when she saw an advert to manage Park Lane Stables in Teddington, London - ideal for reaching lonely and vulnerable people of all ages - she jumped at the chance with her charming husband at her side.

He had some big news of his own though when they pulled up in the moving van: he'd been having an affair and was leaving her.  Next, the job wasn't as promised, she didn't know a soul in London and her lodgings caught fire.

Having hit rock bottom, Natalie had a choice: go back to Birmingham, or build the dream she'd waited her whole life to live.  Could she find a community of heroes, a supportive soul-mate and some life-changing horses to her her survive the colossal obstacles that were coming her way?