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Neuroathletics for Riders by Marc Nolke

Neuroathletics for Riders by Marc Nolke

Model Number: 9781646011780

£23.99 GBP

Learn how to change the input sent to your brain to get healthier, more athletic output.

Olympic competitor and coach Marc Nolke explains how to direct the specific areas of the brain that control stability, sense of rhythm, precision of movement, breathing, and vision.  In a series of over 40 unique exercises, he helps riders improve the signals they send to their brain from the:

Proprioceptive System

Visual System

Vestibular System

Respiratory System

In time, what Nolke calls “Neuro-Rider Training” will make you feel lighter on horseback, help you follow the horse’s movements more naturally, increase your relaxation in the saddle, and enable you to become more effective overall.  With options to perform exercises on or off the horse, his book offers a practically option for any rider- regardless of age, ability, discipline, or time – to steadily improve in distinct and profound ways.