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The Majesty of The Horse by Dean Server

The Majesty of The Horse by Dean Server

Model Number: 9781577170563

£6.99 GBP
With 105 full-colour illustrations.

The magnificent horse has been the subject of innumerable popular studies, scientific treatises, and works of art. From time immemorial, this distinctive hoofed mammal has sparked the imagination and moved the spirits of all who have admired them from afar as well as those who saw fit to tame them.

Until only recently horses were employed throughout the world over for agriculture, transport, and warfare. Today, however, for the most part, the more popular lighter breeds are utilized in sport and for show.

This attractive, informative book will act as a guide for the horse lover, offering a brisk ride though the remarkable history of this unique animal. The ground covered includes life cycle, conformation, and gaits; a comparison of the domestic and wild horse; and a thorough section on the story of horse racing and dressage. In addition, a detailed chapter outlining a number of specific breeds is offered, including:

The Arabian horse, one of the oldest breeds in the world

The attractive Appaloosa, celebrated and bred by Native Americans of the Northwest

The recently popular Clydesdale, a draft horse now pictured as a successful advertising symbol

Thoroughbreds, Quarter Horses, and Morgans – respected and highly prized race horses

And many others, such as the Lipizzaner, the Percheron, and the Tennessee Walking Horse

Whether you have just discovered your love of the horse or are a confirmed equestrian, this full-colour volume will gratify your fancy for this beloved and beautiful animal.