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The Golden Thread: Foxhunting Today by Michael Clayton and John King

The Golden Thread: Foxhunting Today by Michael Clayton and John King

Model Number: 9780413546104

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Foxhunting in the 1980s presents a far more flourishing picture than even its most ardent supporter would have predicted just after the Second World War.  Despite immense changes in the British countryside, owing to the arable revolution in post-war years, the proliferation of motorways and sprawling towns, there have never been more people wishing to participate in hunting, either mounted or as car or foot followers, for whom it remains a way of life as well as a sport.  And the key to foxhunting’s modern survival and success is that it draws keen support from right across the community, and it helps to preserve the countryside and maintain a balanced wildlife.

In this book, Britain’s foremost hunting correspondent and one of our best sporting artists give a personalised view of every region and hunting country in the British Isles, from the incomparable turf of the Shires to the special character of hunting in Wales or Ireland

From a look at the background to modern foxhunting, the organisation of the Hunt and its essential relationship with farmers and landowners, Michael Clayton goes on to discuss hunting hounds and their breeding, suitable types of horse for different countries, the mysteries of scent and the habits and lifestyle of the fox.  He paints vivid pen portraits of great modern hunting characters such as the tenth Duke of Beaufort and Captain Ronnie Wallace, and covers such controversial issues as correct headwear and the current threat to hunting from saboteurs and the Labour party.  Also included is an invaluable directory of Hunts and glossary of hunting terms.

Beautifully illustrated throughout with full-colour pictures and pencil sketches, this is a book for all hunting men and women, and for everyone who appreciates the beauty of the extraordinarily varied hunting fields with which we are blessed in the British Isles.