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The Stable Boy of Auschwitz by Henry Oster and Dexter Ford

The Stable Boy of Auschwitz by Henry Oster and Dexter Ford

Model Number: 9781804190869

£8.99 GBP

A heartbreaking true story of courage and survival.

Even in hell, there is hope.


‘Hunger gnawed at my insides.  I couldn’t last much longer.  But just as I was beginning to give up, I found myself in the Auschwitz stables, with rows of stalls filled with horses.  Barbarossa was a towering, beautiful stallion.  He only responded to commands in German, and as the only German-speaking boy, I was chosen as his caretaker.  I felt an ember of hope.  If I could make myself useful, helping these horses, maybe I could stay alive.’

Henry Oster was just five years old when Adolf Hitler took power in 1933.  One of the 2,011 Jews who were rounded up by the Gestapo and deported from Cologne, he was one of only 23 to emerge alive from the concentration camps after the war.

From the back-breaking labour of tending to horses to enduring a brutal death march through the bleak Polish winter, somehow Henry found the strength and will to keep on going.

A heart-wrenching an inspirational true account of a courageous little boy who, against all odds, after losing almost everything a human being can lose, survived.

This is his story.