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The Journey: A Dressage Training Compendium from USDF Connection

The Journey: A Dressage Training Compendium from USDF Connection

Model Number: 9780939481811

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Recently, US Dressage Federation's magazine, Connection, embarked on a series of lessons taught by USDF-certified instructors and certification examiners. This journey (hence, the title of this book) took readers from the basic working trot at Training Level all the way to piaffe-passage transitions at Grand Prix. Contributors include Margaret Freeman, Maryal Barnett, Christine Rivlin Henke, Rachel Saavedra, Hania Price, Cindi Rose Wylie, Mary Flood, Courtney King-Dye, Heather Bender, and Kathy Connelly. The clear, concise text, combined with excellent illustrations, offer invaluable advice for riders at all levels. Chapters include: Training Level Lesson: Working Trot First Level Lesson: Trot Lengthening Second Level Lesson: Three Loop Counter Canter Serpentine Third Level Lesson: Trot Half Pass Fourth Level Lesson: Collected Canter Prix St Georges Lesson: Canter half pirouette Intermediate I Lesson: Canter Zig Zag Intermediate II Lesson: One Tempi Changes Grand Prix Lesson: Piaffe-passage Transitions Common Threads: A look back.