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The Horseman's Illustrated Dictionary by Steven D. Price

The Horseman's Illustrated Dictionary by Steven D. Price

Model Number: 9781592280988

£14.99 GBP
A complete compendium of equestrian terms, The Horseman’s Illustrated Dictionary goes beyond simple words and phrases. In addition to providing easy-to-understand definitions of both esoteric and commonly used terms, Steven D. Price delves into their fascinating derivations. You’ll learn, for example, that the name of the Percheron draft horse comes from the breed’s origins in the La Perche area of Normandy, France; that “bishoping” – doctoring a horse’s teeth to show a younger age – refers to an unscrupulous eighteenth-century horse dealer named Bishop; and that the “canter” gait is a shortened version of “Canterbury gallop,” purportedly inspired by the pilgrims who rode to Canterbury at that pace. You’ll discover that a “coop” does not necessarily hold chickens; find out why an “alligator” might be found in a horse arena; and learn that an “elevator” does not carry passengers but fits in a horse’s mouth.

Edifying and entertaining, The Horseman’s Illustrated Dictionary is both a useful reference work and a lively, panoramic view of the culture and history of the horse. This beautifully illustrated volume proves that horse people of all interests can learn to speak one another’s language. It makes a perfect gift for any horse lover.