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Fundamentals of Riding: Theory and Practice by Charles Harris

Fundamentals of Riding: Theory and Practice by Charles Harris

Model Number: 9780851316512

£9.95 GBP
The last few decades have seen a phenomenal increase in the number of people who ride. The sport has attracted them from all walks of life and from all age groups. Riding education has not always kept pace with this expansion, despite the many courses, books and facilities which are available to both novice and established riders.

Charles Harris is an advocate of better standards and in this book has set out fundamental principles which, if followed, combine the best of the traditional, or classical, techniques with those of the modern day. He shows that an understanding of basics is essential if horse and rider are to develop, in safety and with enjoyment.

The book is arranged so that each page of instruction is illustrated on the facing page. There are over 160 illustrations in the book and to these the author has added some equestrian maxims from his notebooks kept during a lifetime of practising, teaching and studying, in his own words, 'the most fascinating of all recreational activities, one which exercises mind and body in a way which has no equal - horse riding'.