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Look... No Hands! Straightforward Cross-Country by Eric Smiley FBHS

Look... No Hands! Straightforward Cross-Country by Eric Smiley FBHS

Model Number: 9780956107114

£11.00 GBP
A Pony Club Publication. In Look... No Hands! Eric Smiley has set out to simplify the concept of going cross country and this clear and concise guide with specially commissioned illustrations and photographs will be invaluable to instructors at all levels. At times too much thought and analysis slows the natural responses. By explaining how both horse and rider learn, we can train the partnership to produce instinctive responses. These exercises can be conducted with minimal thought and thus produce a clear decisive response when needed. As instructors and coaches we play a vital role in guiding the human and equine partnership to enjoy this experience as safely as is possible. The exercises described are simple yet can be used at all levels of riding. Poles on the ground can become jumps. The author has focussed on the rider/trainer relationship on producing a better canter and line and allowing the horse to jump the fences. By doing our homework both in the arena and in the country over small jumps, partnerships grow in confidence. Riding across the country, whether it be hunting, eventing, hunter trials or just being out in the country is one of the most exhilarating experiences we can have with our pony or horse. There is always the sense of the excitement of the unexpected, the bigger than normal fence, the uncertainty of direction or line to be taken. To make the most of this experience it is important to understand what makes it all such fun, and for both horse/pony and rider to be prepared