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Longeing and Long Lining: The English and Western Horse: A Total Program by Cherry Hill

Longeing and Long Lining: The English and Western Horse: A Total Program by Cherry Hill

Model Number: 9780876050804

£17.00 GBP
Second hand. Simply put, longeing and long lining are safe and time-efficient ways to teach a horse from the ground what he needs to do when he’s ridden. In addition, during ground training, you have the opportunity to form important associations with your horse. Longeing and long lining can be used to teach your horse to listen to you, stop and be patient, learn how to bend, become proficient in all of his gait transitions, and improve the form of his movement.

Longeing and Long Lining the English and Western Horse is a total program. It describes what you do and why during the ground training of a yearling through an aged, seasoned horse. Over 250 photographs show you a variety of English and Western horses learning their lessons. You’ll see exactly what type of tack you use and why. You’ll see typical reactions, how to prevent and correct problems, and how to recognized both good and bad working form.

Only y being informed can you develop your horse to his full potential. Rather than thinking of longeing as “going around in circles,” think of it as a way to establish good, solid habits with your horse. With this book and its companion volume, 1010 Longeing and Long Lining Exercises: English and western, you’ll have the foundation you need to help your horse work in a productive form.