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Living with HorsePower: Life Lessons Learned from the Horse by Rebekah Ferran Witter

Living with HorsePower: Life Lessons Learned from the Horse by Rebekah Ferran Witter

Model Number: 9781840371925

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Ever since the 16th century conquistadores brought horses with them to the New World, re-establishing the equine race in the continent that 60 million years before had seen the emergence of the Dawn horse, Eohippus, the relationship between horses and man has been an integral thread in American history.

America has more than her share of world-famous equine ‘greats’, horses like Justin Morgan (named eventually after his owner), the founding father of the Morgan breed; Hambletonian, the horse largely responsible for the hughely successful Standardbred harness racer, and the great Man o’ War, Big Red, who is buried with his jockey, Isaac Burns Murphy, in America’s own tribute to the horse, the Kentucky Horse Park, created in the Blue Grass area that is and was the home of some of the world’s greatest racehorses.

Nor is there any shortage of gifted and sometimes exceptional horsemen and trainers, some of whom have exerted a powerful influence on European horse practice. John Solomon Rarey, the first in a line of 19th century American ‘horse-tamers’, came to Britain in 1857 and appeared before Queen Victoria to demonstrate his skills with hitherto unmanageable horses. Subsequently Monty Roberts, author of The Man Who Listens to Horses, made the journey to Europe and appeared before Victoria’s descendant, H.M. The Queen.

Roberts, together with Nicholas Evans and his successful novel and film, The Horse Whisperer, have highlighted again the age-old concept of the horse whisperer, the horse-trainers who were able to develop communication with their horses at an extraordinarily high level.

To build such a relationship with a large, essentially highly-strung animal demands particular qualities of the human being. There must be a high degree of awareness and sensitivity, complete honesty and infinite patience, all combined with determination that does not impinge on a deep sense of humility. All these provide a basis for leadership skills that are applicable to our daily life and our dealings with other people.

In Living with HorsePower Rebekah Witter demonstrates how the lessons of HorsePower are able to become a part of everyday life and in doing so she reveals just how much horses have to teach us about living.

Rebekah Witter’s book comprises extended conversations held with over seventy horsemen and women of note whose empathy with horses has enhanced their own lives, strengthening body, mind and spirit and helping them to influence and relate positively to their fellow humans.

This book for all horse-loves and one that signposts the road to a better way of living through contact with ‘God’s Most Noble Creature.’