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Industrial Steam Locomotives by Victor Hall

Industrial Steam Locomotives by Victor Hall

Model Number: 9781851702381

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The first steam locomotives built were for industrial use and the early mainline locomotives were similar to industrial designs. Eventually slow-speed shunting engines, having a short wheelbase and light axle-loading, were developed for use in quarries, mines, ironworks, docks and elsewhere for the movement of goods, either internally in the works or to and from a main line.

A number of manufactureres specialised almost entirely in the industrial market. Those that survived the 1930s slump developed diesel traction, but now new methods of materials handling have greatly reduced the use of locomotives in industry.

This book is a pictorial survey of the development of the industrial locomotive, with a fine selection of photographs taken in the 1960s, before the virtual extinction of steam transport in Britain's industries.

Although until recently neglected as a subject for study, there is now a growing interest in industrial locomotives. With restoration and running a much more practical proposition than their main-line counterparts, many industrial locomotives have been preserved, and an appendix gives details of where examples of the types illustrated may be found.

A book to fascinate all those interested in Britain's heritage in steam transport.