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Illustrated Guide to Horse Tack for the English Rider by Susan McBane

Illustrated Guide to Horse Tack for the English Rider by Susan McBane

Model Number: 37038029956

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Having the correct equipment plays a major part in the enjoyment and safety of riding, whether competitively or not. The choice of tack and clothing available today is bewildering, and new items seem to be launched on to the market every week. Every piece of equipment must not only be suitable for its intended purpose, but also for the particular horse; it must be a good fit, and must be properly maintained if it is to remain safe. Not least, it must be well made from high quality materials if it is to provide satisfactory service.

This highly illustrated book gives clear, concise information on all major items of tack, clothing and other equipment, both traditional and modern, used on horses today. Advice on different types of saddles and bridles, for example, is supplied to enable to reader to make an appropriate choice for his or her intended use. The important points of fit, correct adjustment and use are emphasised in an effort to prevent the abuse of tack (and so often, therefore, the horse) widely seen in all equestrian spheres.

Schooling aids, properly called ‘gadgets’, are discussed, with their pros and cons, in an attempt to clear up misunderstandings (they are not necessarily a bad thing!) and particular attention is paid to new developments in tack, clothing, material and textiles, to give the reader a truly up-to-date, reliable guide to what can be a very complicated area of horse management.