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Hold your Horses by Bonnie Timmons

Hold your Horses by Bonnie Timmons

Model Number: 9780761115366

£8.00 GBP
In this warm muzzle of a read, Bonnie Timmons guides her fellow horse-people through the love, the lessons, the stuff, the muck, the shows – and that ineffable joy of being one with a horse.

_ _ _ _

Celebrate the mysterious bond between horse and horse-lover. The pleasure of whoa. The surprise of the "unscheduled dismount." And why, when jumping, to throw your heart over first. Drawing on her lifelong passion for horses and riding, award-winning artist Bonnie Timmons offers up a book full of whimsy and wisdom and a huge helping of giddy up.

These are the truths as recorded by an astute observer:

Of little girls who spend every minute after school mucking out the barn in hope of one trail ride

Of the mechanics of riding: the walk, the trot, the canter, the gallop--a gait so fast your worries can't keep up

Of English vs. Cowboy-speak

Of Outfits and Accessories, and Good Horse-Keeping Tips, (including how to weigh your horse so you know how much to feed him:
1. Weigh yourself.
2. Weigh yourself holding your horse.
3. Subtract 1. from 2.)

And finally, of knowing at the end of the day that when you hold your hoses, they will hold you right back.