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The Horses in My Life by Monty Roberts

The Horses in My Life by Monty Roberts

Model Number: 9780755313433

£14.99 GBP

Monty Roberts is famous the world over as 'the man who listens to horses'.  This book is a celebration of his bestloved horses, chosen from the tens of thousnads he has worked with over the past sixty years.  These are the stories of the horses he has learned rfom the most, or which have impressed themselves most indelibly on his memory and his heart.

Monty was all but born in the saddle, a child riding prodigy.  As he grew up he rebelled aainst his father's traditionally accepted, cruel methods of 'horse breaking' and, by observation of wild horses, perfected his understanding of their own communication system, enabling him to create a partnership with them.  With the support and encouragement of HM THe Queen, he brought his non-violent training techniques to the attention of a worldwide audience, many of whom attend his hugely popular demonstrations which have been described as 'unforgettable' and 'life changing'.

All the horses featured here - from Ginger, the retired ranch horse, to world famous Thoroughbreds - have contributed something unique to Monty's understanding of their kind.  He pictures each as a stone on a necklace, adding them one by one, allowing the reader to enjoy stories of great warmth and affection.  Monty never lost sight of how much they meant to him and The Horses in My Life is his tribute to their memory.