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Horses by Bob Langrish and Nicola Jane Swinney

Horses by Bob Langrish and Nicola Jane Swinney

Model Number: 9781445444314

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Mankind has enjoyed a unique relationship with the horse from time immemorial.  No other animal has provided such intelligent, loyal service, whether as a worker, conveyance, status symbol or – in today’s times  - a leisure occupation.  The horse has even generated an entire industry from which many people make their living.  The horse has offered humans his strength and loyalty, and in return, we have bestowed upon him a status which is perhaps above that of all other animals.

Differences in terrain, climate and man’s requirements have shaped and developed the wide variety of types and breeds of horse existing today, most of which have been extravagantly portrayed in Horses.  Here you will find the tiny Shetland and the massive Shire, the wild horses which – despite modern-day domesticity – can still be found in every continent, the Thoroughbreds and European Warmbloods – scientifically bred for competition – as well as a fascinating variety of native ponies.  The unique and much-loved characteristic of all these and more have been faithfully researched by equestrian journalist Nicola Jane Swinney and imaginatively captured by the renowned horse photographer Bob Langrish.