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Spirit of the Welsh Mountain Pony by Fleur Hallam

Spirit of the Welsh Mountain Pony by Fleur Hallam

Model Number: 9780857100290

£4.99 GBP
Mountain and Moorland breeds. They have roamed the mountains and wild moors of Wales for centuries, and are an important part of the region's history and landscape.

They are in essence a hardy working pony of the Welsh hills, being used in the past as saddle ponies, pit ponies, pack ponies, and the ideal draft horse for the smallholder, being able to a carry a considerable load and also travel at a fair pace.

The breed's good looks, intelligent character, and all round versatility, along with many dedicated breeders and supporters over generations have ensured its place in the modern world, excelling as a family pony and as a winner on show fields worldwide, in harness and under saddle