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Spirit of Dartmoor Ponies by The Dartmoor Pony Society

Spirit of Dartmoor Ponies by The Dartmoor Pony Society

Model Number: 9781906887230

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From time immemorial ponies have been running on Dartmoor. Though there have been few references through the centuries to the ponies in old writings, the earliest is said to have been in about the eleventh century.

With over sixty fascinating and heart-warming images, Spirit of Dartmoor Ponies captures the essence of these beautiful creatures, the living heart of the Dartmoor landscape.

Registration of pedigree Dartmoor Ponies by the Dartmoor Pony Society started in 1899. Many
people are not aware that there is a big difference between "Dartmoor Ponies" and "Ponies on Dartmoor"! The Breed Standard permits Black, Brown, Grey, Chestnut and Bay, but Piebald, Skewbald or Coloured ponies are not allowed. The maximum height allowed is 12.2hh.
All Dartmoor Pony herds are owned by farmers on the moor. Every year in September, the ponies
are rounded up and moved from the higher moor for winter grazing and shelter. This event is called
"the drift" and there are pictures in the book showing this happening.

Dartmoor Ponies are an essential part of Dartmoor as their grazing habits keep the moor in
good shape for other grazing animals. By trampling and browsing, the ponies help prevent the moor
from being overrun by scrub and gorse which cattle and sheep won't eat. Some Dartmoors are
used by The National Trust on some of its properties far removed from Dartmoor, for conservation