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Horse and Pony Breeds Complete Handbook

Horse and Pony Breeds Complete Handbook

Model Number: 9780760762271

£5.99 GBP

For centuries, horses and ponies have been one of mankind’s greatest helpers, whether working, travelling, in battle, or in play, their strength, beauty, and loyalty has been a constant.  Today, horses and ponies remain a symbol of freedom and power, owned, loved, and admired by children and adults alike.

Whether you are selecting a specific horse for your needs, or need guidance to care for your pony, this book contains all of the most important facts about personalities, ancestries, physiques, uses, and features of over 100 horse and pony breeds.  Furthermore, a full-length instruction to caring for your horse will help you feed, shoe, groom, and attend to your animal’s medical needs.

Organizes geographically and accompanied by at-a-glance symbols, this handbook offers advice and information on a plethora of international horse and pony breeds for all horse lovers from beginning riders to connoisseurs.