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From the Horse's Mouth: A Horseman's Notes II by Erik Herbermann

From the Horse's Mouth: A Horseman's Notes II by Erik Herbermann

Model Number: 9780972387521

£24.99 GBP
This eloquent and life-affirming book is brimming with new, in-depth information to help every rider find greater understanding and harmony with their horse and gain that essential ingredient to success: a content horse, one who is ready and able to contribute all his powers and talents to a sound equestrian partnership.

In this completely revised and expanded edition, respected teacher and author Erik Herbermann shares a wealth of detailed, technical knowledge and essential information with all riders who aspire to excellence. The author stresses especially the important role the quality of the rider’s heart, thoughts and attitudes play in riding; and clarifies how a deeper understanding of the core elements of our human make-up – body, mind and spirit – readily improve the tenor of communication and the overall quality of horsemanship.

This inspiring new volume is graced by many photographs, sketches and artwork that offer striking examples of the beauty that can be achieved when horsemanship is solidly based on natural law.