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Freestyle: The ULTIMATE GUIDE to Riding, Training, and Competing to Music by Sandra Beaulieu

Freestyle: The ULTIMATE GUIDE to Riding, Training, and Competing to Music by Sandra Beaulieu

Model Number: 9781570769306

£29.95 GBP
Music has long been part of esteemed equestrian traditions—consider the classical tones of the over-500-year-old Spanish Riding School and the Verdi purported to play at deafening volumes from the arena of Portuguese master Nuno Oliveira. Today we have sound systems that enable the most humdrum of riding lessons to become rhythmical dance rehearsals. And on the Olympic stage, the very best in international talent compete to discover which exquisitely choreographed performance is gold-medal-worthy.

The musical 'freestyle', as it’s known, has become a form of equestrian display that draws large audiences in horse sports of every kind: dressage, Western dressage, and Cowboy Dressage; reining and liberty; breed classes and training competitions; drill teams and quadrilles. The use of music with horses is truly an art in itself—one that award-winning musical freestyle designer Sandra Beaulieu has perfected in her years of experience as a dressage competitor and professional entertainer. Here she provides everything readers need to know to enjoy freestyles of their own—whether for fun or for ribbons.

Discover how to choose suitable music, explore choreography techniques, and learn basic music editing. Review required movements, then use Beaulieu’s expert suggestions for weaving them together. Plus, enjoy a section on preparing exhibition performances—complete with ideas for props and costumes.

With plenty of advice for practice as well as putting on a crowd-pleasing show, readers are sure to find all they need to begin the dance of a lifetime.

Learn how to find your horse’s beats per minute (bpm) in every gait.

Find out how to choose the music that’s right for you and your horse and navigate rules of copyright.

Discover easy-to-learn ways to edit your music and put together a professional-sounding playlist.

Review required movements through the levels for dressage and Western dressage Freestyle tests.

Explore ways to weave together your choreography to highlight your horse’s strengths and downplay the areas you are working to improve.

Play with ideas for exhibition performances, including ridden, trick, and liberty work, on your own or in a group.

Have fun making your Freestyle all your own with costumes, speciality tack, and more.