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Cider Country by James Crowden

Cider Country by James Crowden

Model Number: 97800058393571

£9.99 GBP

Step into Cider Country with James Crowden, as he embarks on a journey to distill the ancient origins of our most iconic rural drink...

Cider making has been at the heart of country life for hundreds of years.  But the fascinating story of how this drink came into existence and why it became so deeply rooted in the nation's psyche has never been told.  In Cider Country James Crowden traces this elusive history stretching back to the ancient, myth-infused civilsations of the Mediterranean and the wild apple forests of Kazakhstan.

Meeting cider experts, farmers and historians, he unearts the suprising and intoxicating story of an apple that proved irresistible to everyone who tasted it.