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Fitness in the Horse by Susan McBane

Fitness in the Horse by Susan McBane

Model Number: 9781861264817

£12.99 GBP

A horse's physical fitness and condition are central to his ability to perfom well and to fulfil the considerable demands that are frequently made of him. But while this is most apparent at the higher levels of competition, the horse's fitness is not a subject that should concern only the competition rider or trainer: it is a matter for all horse owners, regardless of whether the animal is a top-level eventer or a child's first pony.

This book explains what fitness is, how it affects general health and capability, and how to achieve it for you rown horse.  Whether you wish to fine-tune the perfomance of your competition horse, to lay the foundations for new or more advanced work, or merely to enhance the pleasure of hacking out, this book will enable you to provide your horse with the means to achieve your aims. It covers:

The domesticated horse and his basic requirements

Feeding and nutrition

Muscles, movement and stress

The respiratory system

Traditonal and modern methods of increasing fitness

Monitoring fitness and preventing problems

Consolidating progress and maintaining condition

Illness and injury

Care and management of the perfomance horse

Prohibited substances.