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Beside Me by Carolyn Henderson

Beside Me by Carolyn Henderson

Model Number: 9780992870843

£8.99 GBP
The ponies Corinne loves are for sale, the mysterious ability she doesn’t understand and can’t control is getting her into trouble and it seems as if she can’t get anything right. Then Luca, the boy every girl wants to know, singles her out. Their relationship is strengthened by a shared love of horses, but although it brings complications, it helps her solve a mystery from the past.

Corrine realises that just because you don’t run the herd, you don’t have to be a loner and that friendship can come from the most unexpected quarters.

‘Beside Me’ is a spine-tingling story about relationships, coping with peer pressure and finding out who and what really matter sin your life.

A great read for teenagers and adults alike.

For ages 12+.