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A Horse Named Sky by Rosanne Parry

A Horse Named Sky by Rosanne Parry

Model Number: 9780062995957

£12.99 GBP

In my dreams I see the gray-blue horizon.  In my dreams I can already run toward it.  In my dreams I hear the call of the hunting bird.  And then I'm awake.  Wide awake. Blinking. Lifebeat racing. Not knowing why...

A young wild stallion named Sky lives with his band of mustangs in the highlands.  When water becomes scarce, Sky - determined to put family first - sets out on his own.  Thirsty and lonely, Sky misses his band, especially his best friend, Storm.  But Sky lives to run, and his journey is full of wonder, discovery and new friendships.  When Sky is captured by the Pony Express, forced to wear a saddle, and made to run the treacherous trail over the mountains, he is determined to flee and return home, no matter the cost.  Will Sky find the courage to escape?  Will he leave behind the captive horses and the stable boy he has come to love?  Will Sky become the leader he is destined to be?

A Horse Named Sky is inspired by the free-roaming horses of the Virginia Range in Nevada.  These fast and beautiful animals, much like Sky and Storm, face global warming, drought, and human encroachment in their fight for survival.

For ages approx. 8-12 years old.