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The Saddle Club: Trail Mates by Bonnie Bryant

The Saddle Club: Trail Mates by Bonnie Bryant

Model Number: 9780553822625

£4.99 GBP

Number 5 Saddle Club series.

Carole, Stevie, and Lisa, the three members of The Saddle Club, are totally devoted to horses and to each other. But for Carole, it seems as if there's not much she can count on except riding and the friendship of The Saddle Club. Ever since her mother died, Carole has urged her dad to go out on dates. But now she's afraid that he's getting serious with a woman whom she isn't ready to think of as a stepmother. Meanwhile, Carole's getting the last thing she needs: unwanted attention from a boy. Scott will do anything, even muck out the stables, to get near her. And Stevie and Lisa aren't much help. They're busy modeling for a riding catalog and finding out that modeling's not all it's cracked up to be!

For ages approx. 9-11 years old.