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Exmoor Ponies: Survival of the Fittest A Natural History by Sue Baker

Exmoor Ponies: Survival of the Fittest A Natural History by Sue Baker

Model Number: 9780861834433

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The moors and commons of Exmoor National Park are home to most of the free-living Exmoor Pony population.  Here is an animal living in relative obscurity which holds the secrets of Nature’s design for a wild pony and is the key to understanding the history of ponies in Britain.

Exmoor Ponies: Survival of the Fittest by Sue Baker takes the reader on an expedition back through time to discover the prehistoric British Hill Pony and explore where it came from.  Tracing the history of ponies on Exmoor, she assesses whether the Exmoor Pony is a surviving population of this early coloniser.  The reader then accompanies her on a tour to Exmoor, Cornwall, Cumbria and Scotland to meet groups of free-living Exmoors.  The book also explores how they survive unaided by Man; the partnerships they form with humans in domestic circumstances; their important role in managing nature reserves.  Finally, the future conservation of Exmoor Ponies in their natural habitat is considered.

Exmoor Ponies: Survival of the Fittest is the culmination of the author’s total fascination with the Exmoor Pony. Copiously illustrated with photographs and exquisite line drawings, Exmoor Ponies: Survival of the Fittest tells the story of a truly remarkable survivor.  This second edition has been updated with new photographs wherever possible and includes a fresh look at the Exmoor herd today, the genetic status of the breed and the challenges of the future.