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Equine Angels: Stories of Rescue, Love and Hope by Frank Weller

Equine Angels: Stories of Rescue, Love and Hope by Frank Weller

Model Number: 9781599214443

£7.99 GBP
The foals' story begins from birth with their majestic mares on the vast plains of Canada. The mares are kept pregnant because their urine will then contain estrogen, a vital ingredient for a hormone replacement therapy drug called 'Premarin'. The Pregnant Mares' Urine, PMU, is often collected in harsh conditions for the mares and when the foal is born it is frequently considered an innocent but disposable by-product of the process. What happens next to the foals, who might otherwise go to slaughter, is the heartwarming subject of this book. What happens to people along that rescue path, is the magical soul of this book. The photographs and stories feature ruggedly beautiful horses in their natural splendor that transform from once-wild creatures into loving and intelligent companions, bonding with their human families. Included are stories of successes great and small: foals growing up to be national competitors, therapy helpers, and members of families that are healed by the love of a horse. Uplifting, with gorgeous photography, "Equine Angels" will inspire, delight, and teach life lessons through the wisdom received when connecting with these noble equine souls. Enjoy the rescue journey and see how 'rescues rescue us'! Inside the book you will find: over 130 sumptuous color photos showing horses with a rare rugged beauty; the story of how these foals have changed the lives of the people who rescue them and shows how they bond, uplift, heal and enrich families who adopt them; and, the transformation of once-wild creatures into loving companions and teachers of wisdom through life's lessons. This book addresses an issue that frequently captures headlines; the heartwarming journey of mares and foals saved from the brink of slaughter to become athletes, therapy-givers, and healing family members