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Re-Educating Racehorses: A Life after Racing by Fred Cook and Rowena Jane Simmonds

Re-Educating Racehorses: A Life after Racing by Fred Cook and Rowena Jane Simmonds

Model Number: 9781847972538

£18.99 GBP

This fully comprehensive and invaluable book guides the reader through the process of acquiring and subsequently re-training a racehorse.  It provides an in-depth look at what life was like for the horse at the racing yard and how through correct training and education you can train your horse to become a happy, well-adjusted athlete, ready for everyday equestrian activities.  Whether you are training a horse for the first time, or you are an experienced rider wanting to enhance both your skills and those of your horse, this practical book reveals how you can train a horse to achieve at a number of different disciplines and levels, depending on how advanced you wish to go.

Contents include:

  • what to consider when re-homing a racehorse out of training
  • under new management: how to ensure a smooth transition
  • feeding and nutrition: how diet affects performance
  • working from the ground: a detailed look at importance of groundwork training
  • re-schooling: what is required of you and your horse

Fred Cook and Rowena Simmonds have built up an extensive client base from around the UK and a reputation for their knowledge and skills in handling and training difficult, temperamental and very sensitive horse.

It was through their love of the Thoroughbred and tracing that they became invoiced with the charity Retraining of Racehorses (RoR) soon after it was established in 2000.  Fred and Rowena are now Training Consultants to the charity and run its helpline, which provides advice and support to the owners of racehorses out of training throughout the UK and abroad.