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Realize Your Horse's True Potential by Lesley Skipper

Realize Your Horse's True Potential by Lesley Skipper

Model Number: 9780851318141

£19.99 GBP
No horse is perfect in matters of conformation, temperament and ability, yet every horse can be improved almost beyond recognition by correct management, training and applied psychology. This book sets out to show how the average owner, rider or trainer can assist any horse to achieve maximum potential whether the ultimate aim is eventing, show-jumping, dressage, endurance, riding-club activities or general recreational riding. In order to achieve true potential, expectations must be realistic and limited by practicalities. Examining the way in which the ideas of what the ideal horse should look like have altered with changes in use. The author explains how conformation affects the shape of the horse and just how much that shape (including the valued top line) can be improved by judicious training and when it cannot. She explains how conformation affects movement and how much movement in all the gaits can be improved by specific exercises as well as when it cannot. She explains the mechanics of movement as related to conformation, training and the development of athletic ability in the sport horse but never loses sight of the fact that a horse pressed beyond its capabilities can present a very real danger to both himself and his rider. Lesley Skipper looks at the limitations inherent in certain breeds and types and where it is not possible for these to be overcome, demonstrates that it may sometimes be necessary for the rider to re-evaluate goals in order to achieve success. Yet the emphasis throughout the book is on what can be achieved and the overall message is that a proper understanding of how a horse is put together plus a detailed evaluation of the individual animal resulting in a proper appreciation of potential abilities and talents as well as a realisation of limitations can lead to a specific humane and realistic training and conditioning programme which will enhance performance, looks and value to an astonishing degree. Every horse-owner, trainer and rider will benefit from the study of this immensely practical, fascinating and groundbreaking book