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Prince of Ponies by Stacy Gregg - Signed Copy

Prince of Ponies by Stacy Gregg - Signed Copy

Model Number: 9780008332310

£12.99 GBP

Stacy's 2019 standalone release.

Signed copy: genuine signature on book plate. Stacy lives in New Zealand and we have sold out of the hand-signed stock from our last signing with her. So we had these book plates flown in from NZ especially for us.

"Our absolute trust in each other had been built under gunfire, in the pitch black of the woods, on the run for our lives from the Red Army. I would have given my life for him, and for me...

When twelve-year-old Mira stumbles across a white stallion in a forest in Berlin, she doesn’t realise that this horse will take her on an incredible journey. Together, they’ll ascend the starry heights of Grand Prix show juping, and sweep back in time, to Poland in 1939, where another young girl is risking everythin to save the horse that she loves..."

For ages approx. 8-12 years old.