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Pathfinder Dressage: The Philosopy and Training Techniques of the World's Top Trainers by Penny Hillsdon

Pathfinder Dressage: The Philosopy and Training Techniques of the World's Top Trainers by Penny Hillsdon

Model Number: 9780851317458

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"Pathfinder Dressage" is both a voyage of exploration by the author and a fulfilment of her desire to write a dressage book which, while truly authoritative, is nevertheless informal and accessible. During her extensive involvement in the sport, Penny Hillsdon had noticed an apparent schism between 'classical' and 'competition' riding, with individuals tending to segregate themselves into one or other category. She was also aware that many amateur riders were confused by the different systems of training, and hoped that the different methods could somehow be put together to produce an 'instant mash' package that would guarantee success. Whilst she believes, from her own experience, that such problems are unlikely to be solved, she nevertheless offers guidance and clarification, indicating that the key to successful training lies in an awareness of each horse as an individual, with a unique combination of temperament, conformation, learning rate and ultimate potential. In seeking to fulfil her aims, the author has explored the historical roots of dressage, and followed its branches into the present day. Much of the text of "Pathfinder Dressage", therefore, comes in the form of extended dialogue with top trainers who currently represent the main schools of dressage. Accordingly, we hear from such authorities as Vicki Thompson, Ferdi Ellberg, Bert Rutten, Jane Bredin, Franz Rochowansky, Conrad Schumacher, Reiner Klimke, Paul Fielder, Michel Assouline, Charles Harris and Sylvia Loch. The author also admits that she, personally, learnt a great deal from writing the book - the chief lesson being that dressage riders must never stop learning. "Pathfinder Dressage" is a book which contains much wisdom and food for thought. Whilst dressage enthusiasts will be fascinated to compare and contrast the different systems of training discussed, it is in the areas of consensus that they may discover special significance