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Know You, Know Your Horse by Eunice Rush and Marry Morry

Know You, Know Your Horse by Eunice Rush and Marry Morry

Model Number: 9781570765209

£20.00 GBP

Both humans and horses have four distinct “Social Styles,” or personality types.  These Social Styles, modified by variables seen and unseen, result in the behaviours – both our own and our horses’ – that we deal with every day.

Identifying personality has long served to improve client-customer relationships and increase sales figures in business, and it is from this practical realm that author Eunice Rush draws experience.  In this innovative and vastly interesting book, Rush teams up with horse trainer Marry morrow to now apply the kind of techniques that can bring great success in your career and personal relationships to the complex world of choosing, training, and riding your horse.

Rush and Morrow explain how knowledge of your own Social Style and of your horse’s can help solidify what is so often a delicate balance between two creatures who speak very different languages.  The authors provide dozens of questionnaires and tests to help you pinpoint your trains and tendencies, and those of your horse.  they then explain how to use your new knowledge to “align” with your horse – nurturing a change in your own personality to better match his.  Or, if you’re “horse shopping”, their methods can help you find the “perfect match”. Plus, you’ll discover which horse personalities are suited for certain disciplines or activities, and the training methods that bring the best results when a happy, healthy horse and a safe, respectful partnership is your goal.