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Horses, Divorces and Hissy Fits by Tina Cryer

Horses, Divorces and Hissy Fits by Tina Cryer

Model Number: 9780995465213

£5.99 GBP
Sahara feels her life has been ruined. She blames her mother for moving to a wreck of a house in the countryside, miles outside the city, away from her friends and everything she knows. Nothing will be the same again, but as the house renovations get underway, Sara begins to rebuild her life. Teddy, a pony abandoned by the previous owners of the house she and her mother have moved to, becomes her soul-mate. Sara knows ‘nurthing’ about horse, but she doesn’t want to give away her lack of knowledge or how much she enjoys Teddy’s company, so she learns as much as she can through trial and error, before eventually accepting the help that is offered to her.

Falls, bruises, bumps, arguments and tears, turn into laughter, friends, hugs and happiness.

This book will, in places, make you laugh out loud. The characters are larger than life and you will quickly warm to Sahara and her mother, as they start a new adventure.

Perfect for teenagers, mothers of teenagers and anyone who has ever been a teenager!