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Horsemanship: The Horse in the Service of Man by Tom Coombs

Horsemanship: The Horse in the Service of Man by Tom Coombs

Model Number: 9781852233846

£7.00 GBP
This is a book about horsemanship in the widest possible sense, from classical equitation to race riding, with an in-depth look at the forms in which it is practised by such differently motivated riders as cowboys, Cossacks, American Indians, competitors taking part in sports and games, and soldiers both in war and on ceremonial occasions. There is also a chapter on the history of horsemanship since 3000 BC and one on driving and coachmanship.

Throughout, the author emphasizes the co-operation which must exist between horse and man if their partnership is to be successful, and he examines and explains how this is achieved.

Illustrated with professionally taken photographs, this book is designed to appeal to all horsemen and women interested in how other people, some of them in other countries and other ages, have employed and adapted the fundamental principles of horsemanship. It will also interest any spectator of equestrian activities, whether they view them at first hand or on the television, and pride them with a practical insight into the often baffling intricacies of the skills which they are watching.